Angelina's Alexon Bio

Angelina Alexon is a fresh new singer that is exploding on the music scene. She possesses a 5 octave soprano vocal range. Her vocal range, tone and power has been compared to Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and like one of her other big influences Thalia, she sings and is fluent in Spanish, in fact she sings in 7 different languages.

Angelina's debut 2015 Pop Latino song solely written by her entitled “AMOR”, was in rotation at major radio stations such as El Zol 107.9 in DC. & Rhythm 105.9 in CA, with spins and on air interviews on many other Radio stations and numerous internet radio stations. Amor and its English Version Club Mix received rave reviews from club dj’s nationally & internationally was at the top of many Latin record pool charts including US National Latin Dance Charts #2 on DJ TIMES Magazine and resulted in several TV appearances,(ie.Univision &Telemundo.). She has performed throughout the NY/NJ area clubs such as The Cutting Room in Manhattan as well as outside NY/NJ, such as Miami at the 2016 Winter Music Conference and at the US Capitol in DC, where she wowed members of Congress and other dignitaries with her original songs & her rendition of the US & Greek National Anthems. She also frequently performed throughout Barcelona, Spain, and Greece, as a teen, where she was living prior to coming to the US.

In a recent Huffington Post article: Angelina stated “There is nothing I enjoy more than combining my love of making music along with my desire to try and do what I can to make this world a better place” A recent example of this was the March 11th of 2016 performance at Caldwell University for her Tribute Concert to Paris Attacks in conjunction with French Association where she performed her original pop songs in English and Spanish as well as her new tribute song in French “Nouvelle Journee” which she wrote and dedicated to those affected by the Paris terror attacks. She has performed at several charitable events, including the prestigious Annual Muscular Dystrophy Fundraising Gala in Manhattan.

Angelina is also an accomplished dancer, obtaining her graceful movements and passionate Latin moves from years of formal training in Ballroom & Latin dance).  The combination of her beautiful voice together with her passionate dancing results in an amazing & captivating performer.  Many music industry veterans, who have had the opportunity to see and hear Angelina have been nothing short of awe struck, such as the legendary Ivan Mogull, who has been in the business for over 60 years producing and publishing everyone from Nat King Cole, Nina Simone, & Vic Damone to Neil Diamond & Natalie Cole as well as Julio Iglesias, who he is credited with discovering, just to name a few. Ivan Mogull after seeing her recent performance in Manhattan stated that “ Angelina is not only very talented and beautiful but a wonderful performer take it from me her Star will shine very bright”

Robert Cutarella, a Multi Grammy Winning Producer with over 160 Platinum Records says" Angelina has a gift for interpreting songs and reaching the heart line of the listener She is powerful, emotive, playful and direct! She is a pleasure to work with and is bound to turn heads when you hear her for the first time. You will become an instant fan of Angelina's and find yourself waiting for new music she will be recording”
“She is also a multi-genre and multi lingual songwriter, and in a time where a well-crafted song has almost seemed to become a lost art, her poetic lyrics filled with imagery and metaphors, together with her carefully crafted remarkably catchy hooks and understanding and appreciation for the song structure and songwriting of past greats, while still being contemporary in today’s pop music scene is nothing short of genius.” says Angelina's manager Paul Insinna, a well-respected entertainment attorney/manager who has been in the music business for almost 30 years. Mr Insinna who has worked with such people as Michael Jackson’s manager, David Bowie’s manager and multi-platinum selling Producers and Artists also says “Angelina's multi talents are astonishing for someone that young, she is clearly poised to become a major global music star. One can just check her twitter page where her rapidly growing following, tweets regularly on how her music have moved or inspired them”.